About KNM Supplies

Supplier of lubricants, greases and cleaning chemicals for the industrial and automotive sector.

Goals & Objectives

To expand our client base.

To provide employment to previously disadvantaged people.

To become a well-known and trusted supplier of lubricants, greases and cleaning chemicals.

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Business competitiveness

Increasing demand for the better performance and reliability is driving the South African industrial lubricant- and grease market.
The factors that differentiate our business from competitors is guaranteeing improved efficiency in product specifications and providing products that cope with specific operational environment needs. Some common environments include dry, wet, cold, hot, fire risk, high load, high or low speed, chemical compatibility, atmospheric compatibility, pressure or vacuum and various combinations thereof.

The Need For Our Products

The market for industrial lubricants and greases, especially synthetic and semi-synthetic oil-based industrial lubricants and greases have high demand in the market posing high competition among manufacturers and distributors. The market for industrial lubricants and greases is mature as it has been available since the 19th century. Lubricants prevent moving parts of machinery against rust and corrosion. The biggest application of industrial lubricants is motor oils which are generally used in motor vehicles, automotive industry and internal combustion engines and provide them better performance, protection, and extended life.

Only the Best


Vision statement

Supplying high standard lubricants and greases to a diverse industry of South African experts.

Mission Statement

To empower a diverse range of lubricant- and grease users by providing high quality products with continuing solutions for heavy equipment- and machinery demands.

Value Proposition

To supply efficient products that satisfy specific operational environment needs at lower prices for various industries such as automotive and manufacturing industries who strive for superior quality. To stay ahead of competitors by finding innovative ways to reduce high costs and poor quality products in an intense competitive industry.

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