Kiyose NM Supplies (Pty)

Number 1 Supplier Of Lubricants, Greases And Cleaning Chemicals For The Industrial And Automotive Sector.

Quality Policy & Objectives

All our suppliers comply with ISO’s and other relevant regulatory requirements.

Service Pledge

Our products are provided on cash on delivery basis. All regular customers can apply for 30 day credit, provided that a detailed background check will be performed.

The Need For Our Products

The market for industrial lubricants and greases, especially synthetic and semi-synthetic oil-based industrial lubricants and greases have high demand in the market posing high competition among manufacturers and distributors.

Our Products

We distribute a wide variety of lubricants including motor oils, marine oils, silicone, greases, turbine oils, metal working fluids, cutting fluids, grinding fluids, farming oils, gas engine oils, brake oils and hydraulic oils to industries such as, manufacturing, mining/marine, agriculture and the automotive industry.

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We’ve Been Supplying For Over 10 years

Supplying high standard lubricants and greases to a diverse industry of South African experts.

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